power & expertise beyond cargo

As the industry leader in inventory and logistics management, Hydrolake's expertise includes consigned distribution and transmission pole inventories. Hydrolake has specialized yard and storage equipment, including rail siding, capable of managing to a capacity of 15,000 poles. 

  • Customer specific site-inventory levels for utility poles
  • Rail siding for utility pole receiving & storage
  • Procurement of other wood species such as Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine, & Douglas Fir
  • Physical Inventory Mangement (receipts and control as well as min/max inventory management)
  • Utility Pole Shipment Management
  • Well-equipped tractor trailer fleet, capable of delivering poles up to 125' in length 
    • Experienced drivers and crane operators
    • Service center delivery
    • Construction site stake drop

  • Industry-specific yard equipment
 24/7/365 Emergency Services Available with Immediate Storm Response Logistics