Continuous improvement is a daily activity at Power Line Supply (PLS). By offering our customers integrated technology and services, we help them advance in the ever-changing utility industry. PLS partners with industry experts to form our integrated services and become the intersection between technology, engineering, operations and IT. Our mix of innovative technology and expertise provides an all-inclusive approach, considering all the interconnected complexities of a problem.

As the power industry develops, our customers are pressured to respond to changing regulations, increased energy demand, optimize efficiency, and integrate renewable energy into the mix of power generation. Coupled with our diverse set of services, we leverage a deep bench of utility, regulatory, and business experience to help utilities continuously improve performance and exceed expectations placed upon them.

Project Management and Field Support

With so many technical systems available, PLS continues to expand our technology department to implement and service our customers' needs. The PLS Technology Team provides in-house support to manage each deployment throughout the project life-cycle, ensuring success and overall health of the system. Each deployment is managed by a local Technology Team that gains familiarity with your specific system, simplifying remote or on-site troubleshooting.

Vendor Management

PLS partners with best-in-class technology vendors that utilities can count on. PLS provides our customers with a single point of contact for vendor management from start to finish.

Solution Architecting

The PLS Team includes talented team of engineers, experienced in utility solution architecture. From back office enterprise applications down to the end device, PLS solution architects provide the answers.

Systems Integration

Our systems integration specialists can help our customers overcome the challenges that come with today's emerging technologies. 


Power Engineering - The PLS Team provides our customers with consulting services that analyze their system needs and identify the right solutions to solve system problems, increase efficiency and improve system performance.

Arc Flash Assessment - PLS helps our customers meet the requirements of NFPA 70E.

Smart Grid Business Case Development - PLS works in collaboration with utilities to build a clear vision and understand the objectives. We then perform a cost/benefit analysis of the technology investment and identify strategic alignments with regulatory initiatives.


Application training - Request training focused on your operational needs.

Product training - Learn about our product offerings and their use cases.


PLS leverages our experienced and well respected sister company, Hydaker-Wheatlake, to manage and perform substation upgrades and distributed generation installations.