The PLS Technical Team offers a suite of solutions for the growing needs of today's electrical grid. Partnered with leading technology providers, PLS provides our customers integrated solution packages with turn-key services that include engineering design, equipment and construction specifications, project and construction management, training, field support, and installation and commissioning services.


Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Built into the powerful Yukon platform, Eaton's AMI solution can be leveraged with Demand Response, Intelligent Capacitor Control, Street Lighting Control, and Distribution Automation solutions. Ask us for a demo today to understand how an investment in Eaton's AMI solution brings you value and saves you time. Communications options include RF Mesh, Power Line Carrier (PLC), and Cellular.

Demand Response

Partnered with the largest provider of utility Demand Response equipment and software in the United States, PLS is pleased to provide Eaton's Demand Response solutions to our customers. Find out why utilities have chosen Eaton's Demand Response solutions over twice as often as their competitors in all competitively bid mass-market demand response programs in the last five years. Solutions include residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications.

Distributed Generation

PLS does its homework on distributed generation (DG) technology and solutions available in the market today, and partners with leading DG solution providers that bring value and reliability to our customers. Significant improvements in technology continue to drive down costs, making DG solutions more competitive. Additional value can be achieved through applications not attainable through traditional generation, such as being bid into the markets as non-spinning reserves, frequency regulation, peak shifting/shaving, ramp rate control, demand response control, contingency power, voltage regulation and power factor correction.

The PLS Team is here to help our customers choose the right solution(s) specific for their use cases and requirements. Whether it's new construction or the integration of existing diverse DG resources, PLS solutions can collect your data and manage each site remotely under a single application. Solutions include solar, battery storage, wind, and utility scale inverters.


PLS offers our customers a variety of metering options. We offer Vision meters that are manufactured in the United States and come with a full 2-year warranty as well as refurbished GE, Landis+Gyr, Itron, and Elster metering options. PLS also offers the Eaton AMI solution with Landis+Gyr, Elster, and Itron metering options. 

Modular Integrated Transportable Substations

MITS is an electrical power distribution substation or any other grouping of electrical equipment that is assembled on a self-supporting structural base and wired together (integrated) at the factory. Alternately the equipment can be mounted on a D.O.T. compliant trailer for mobile applications.

If you are planning to build or replace a new substation or distribution center or add capacity to an existing substation, MITS can provide a total packaged solution - saving costs, time, space, and labor. Eaton can manufacture the entire MITS system, ensuring a completely integrated design to meet your unique product specification.


From hard hat physical security to white hat cyber security, the PLS Team can help.

Physical Security

PLS offers unique physical security solutions to deter, detect, delay, assess, communicate, and respond to potential threats. Ask about our ballistic barriers and seismic sensors capable of detecting ballistics, vehicles, and foot traffic.

Cyber Security

The increase in web connected technology has made cyber-attacks on our utility systems become more frequent and severe, now being the #1 industrial target. Utilities are urged to protect their entire infrastructure, both operational technology in the field and information technology in the back-office.

Self-Healing Grid

Accomplished through feeder automation techniques, self-healing grids improve system reliability by reconfiguring the switches and reclosers installed on the distribution feeder to quickly isolate the fault and re-establish service from alternate sources/feeders.  Eaton delivers rapid grid reconfiguration/healing solutions through flexible communication options that can leverage existing site communications as well as future communication upgrades.  Eaton's umbrella of self-healing solutions include Automatic Source Transfer, Loop Scheme Reclosers, Smart Sensors, Premium Power Quality Services, and Yukon Feeder Automation Software. 

Substation Automation

Substations today have a wealth of data available from mixed devices.  By consolidating this data under a single platform, valuable solutions can be implemented. To simplify the process, Eaton allows you to upgrade your substation while keeping your existing devices. Eaton SMP products are designed to simplify substation integration and automation while providing vendor independence thru a wide range of supported protocols.  Ask us for a demonstration and put your data to work today!

Volt/VAR Management

The Yukon platform offers an Integrated Volt/VAR Control (IVVC) package that leverages data collected from grid devices like regulators, capacitor banks, and meters to operate an advanced control algorithm that regulates the voltage and power factor at precise points along the grid with the need for an impedance model.  This makes it very easy to implement and maintain. Software, hardware and consulting services complete the package.