Substation Construction, Design & Maintenance

The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company has the ability to single source for all substation needs and is an industry leader in substation construction and maintenance.  By utilizing other companies in the USC family, we are able to provide:

  • Substation Construction and maintenance for voltages ranging from 4.8 kV to 500 kV
  • Material Procurement, Tracking, and Logistics
  • Gas Insulated Substation Construction
  • HVDC Substation Construction
  • SVC and FACTS System Construction
  • Pad Mount Foundations
  • Caisson Foundations
  • Control House Foundations
  • Site Prep Work, including heavy civil requirements
  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Transformer Placement / Moving & Logistics
  • Above/Below Grade Raceway and Grounding
  • Transmission Line Connections & Construction
  • Relay Testing & Checkout
  • Fiber Splicing and Installation
  • Control House Wiring
  • SCADA Installations
  • SWPP Installation & Maintenance
  • Cost Estimates & Project Planning

We currently have multiple substation crews that are operating full time throughout the country.  HWC has several long-term, strategic relationships to construct and maintain electrical substation systems across the country.  These relationships have allowed us to provide cost savings by assisting in the engineering of the system, create a stable workforce which allow us to increased safety and efficiency, and to create value added solutions using our other USC companies.