Dedicated, Versatile & Innovative 

 Hydrolake has the ability to treat fence posts and hops poles, as well as the capability to dry kiln cabin logs and the versatility to treat and dry other wood products. 

As with utility poles, Hydrolake utilizes a State-of-the-Art Arch/Lonza Designed CCA Treating System for wood product treatment.

 What is CCA? (Copper, Chrome and Arsenic)
  • Wood Product Treatment is water-based, which gives the treatment process an environmental advantage
  • CCA Treatment stays in the wood and does not saturate into the ground 
  • Short treatment cycle time allows increased flexibility to meet customer needs
  • CCA Treatment allows for cost effective and stable pricing 
Wood Quality Control
  • In-process, computer generated quality control reporting
  • Flexibility for individual customer needs, specializing in high-quality wood treatment and drying services