About USC


Our mission at USC is to remain 100% safety focused and exceed customer expectations through the education and empowerment of creative employees and committed suppliers, assuring innovative and cost effective solutions.

Utility Supply and Construction Company is a family-owned, diversified organization dedicated to safely servicing the utility and construction industries.

USC is the parent company to corporate partners Crossroads Mobile Maintenance, Power Line Supply, The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company, and Hydrolake Incorporated. Because of these alignments, USC has the ability to offer knowledge and support allowing to deliver in class products and services at the best value.  We are 100% Utility, 100% of the Time.

By aligning our strengths, as well as our diversity throughout our entire group, we have the leverage to support the future direction of the utility industry. USC is continually implementing safe, innovative and cost-effective solutions. USC's singular focus on the utility industry assures custom, applicable solutions for all utility needs.

We are prepared to accept any challenge; however difficult it may be. We have the manpower, the experience, the know-how, the equipment and the facilities to do an outstanding job, even under the most difficult conditions.